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Post by Jyo on Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:51 pm

Hello and welcome to Jyos Forums. I hope that you enjoy the forums, and
I recommend that you go to the forum section and give your feedback on
the site. Anyways, the rules are short and sweet, and they go as

1) Minor cussing is allowed, but if it gets too out of hand you may be banned, depending on the severity.

Being immature once in a while is natural, but if you behave in an
immature behavior on a regular basis, you could also be banned.

3) Remain on topic when on the forums. Do not advertise your video, for example, in the feedback section of the forum.

4) It is important that respect is shown towards other members while in the forum or on the chat box.

5) You may invite anyone you want, as long as they can meat the very few expectations above.

6) Enjoy the Site!

Once we have a fair amount of users, we will start accumulating points
from completing certain activities, such as the mynk trio challenge.
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