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Political Party Rules and Information

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Political Party Rules and Information

Post by Jyo on Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:26 am

I'll start off by saying that this is a very long message, but it is important to read if you wish to partake in this forum event.

General Overview

The political party forum is a place where you may start a party or join a party and debate about certain topics. Everyone is aloud to join a party or create there own. If you are creating your own, they must meet these minimum requirements:

-1 leader
-1 co-leader
-2 debators

Once you have your party formed,(Your party must have a name) i will move it over to the political parties center of the forum. Here is the info of all of the topics of this category:

Rules and updates: Where the rules of the event will be located along with updates made regarding the event.

Party requests:
You may request to create a party as long as it meets the minimum requirements above. You must have a name for your party, and no other threads may be created, only ones regarding the creation of a party.

Collaboration: The main event of the forum. This is where 1 debater of each party will come together every other week to debate about a certain topic. I will choose the first topic, and the rest is up to you. The winner of each debate will be able to choose the next topic.

Political Parties: This is where each party will be moved after being accepted. New users may request to be in a party, but only the leader may accept new members. You may also post anything you want in other parties as well, even if it is not your own party.

Feedback: Self explanatory XD.

Other info:

Here are some other pieces of information you will need to know in order to understand everything:

- The Leader and co-leader may not debate, only the debaters.
- Each party will get their own user bars.
- I am also the manager of the political parties. I can delete, so to speak, parties, I can resign members or ask a leader to resign a member, etc.
- Leaders also have a lot of power. They may trade members with other parties, resign members, and accept new members.
- Everything is fair game with these parties. If you wish, you may betray your party and join another one, and be a traitor. You may not just switch from party to party, in order to do this, you must resign from your current party and request to be n another. When I say traitor, I mean traitor. You must secretly join another party. If you are caught, you are banned from all parties, so be careful Very Happy.
- Anyone may participate in this, as long as they are a member
- Every debate will be held on every other Wednesday. Debates will be scored using rep points that only i and the admins can see. I will assign a +(1 point) for every good statement made, and a -(-1 point) to every bad one. To ensure that admins cannot cheat, I will place them in a temp admin group, so everyone feels secure that they could not cheat by giving away rep points to there party.
- Every debate will end on Friday or Saturday, and I will announce the winners on Saturday.
- Every topic will be given to each party a few days prior to the collaboration, so they may prepare.
- Each leader of a party will be assigned their own personal chat room in which they may share amongst their fellow members. This is where members of a party may chat secretively, whether it is just to talk or prepare for the debate. But, if another member from another party finds your chatroom, you do not get another one, so be careful with that as well.
- Like i said before, winners of the debate may choose the next topic, or pass it on to another party.
- Maximum members or each party= 5-7 for now, until we get more active.
- Have fun!! This should be a very cool event.
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